Are we proud as employees needed by the office?

Are we proud as employees needed by the office?

We have often met, people who feel they have good abilities in a position will be maintained in that place for a long time. On the grounds that he is more experienced and can 'secure' the job.

A situation that can greatly affect the mentality of the employee concerned. Pride as a person needed by the office will be eroded if he feels that he has been trapped in the same position for too long with the 'business interests' package.

Not everyone has the courage to speak their minds. Especially for things at work that are very susceptible to side effects. Being labeled as an employee who is disloyal, against superiors or has no integrity, is really unpleasant.

People want to be appreciated more than needed. The award will be more humane for employees. Just needed will only give pride for a moment. But when personal rights are slightly deprived, all praise will become meaningless words.

Reward is giving time and space to develop. A balanced reciprocity between the office and employees. Sometimes the slogan 'for the sake of the office' is the implied meaning of a superior who is not ready to leave and get a new employee whose abilities have not been tested.

What can an employee do when in such a position? For people who have a quiet character and accept what is, of course there is no other choice. He will work as usual. But can it be guaranteed that the quality of the work will be maximized in the long term? Not necessarily.

Psychological pressure experienced by a person can have an impact on his performance. Maybe even without the person aware of it. Of course this will also affect the surrounding environment.

As for people who dare to speak they are easier to fight for fate. Either by talking directly to the boss about his objections or to other parties who can help him.

In the world of work, it is very important to maintain the mental health of employees. Employees or employees are the main assets of a company or office.

Currently, there are more companies or offices that care about the mental health of their employees. The term well-being has become something that can be accepted by many parties.

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines well-being as a state of being happy, satisfied, low in stress, physically and mentally healthy and maintaining a good quality of life.

Companies or offices that already understand the importance of employee conditions will really strive for this well-being situation in the workplace to be achieved. Because the condition of employees who are physically and mentally healthy will have a direct impact on their productivity. The reputation of the company will also be better maintained.

So once again, employees will be more proud to be people who are appreciated by the office than just being needed as a running machine called performance. Awards received by employees will return to the company in the form of productivity that is carried out without pressure.


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