Bring lunch its healthy

"What's for lunch today?" Maybe it's a sentence that is often thrown at the office. Some people will choose to buy at a food stall or order through an application. Not many are compelled to make their lunch. In fact, by making your lunch, you can ensure the nutritional content and quality of the ingredients.

Bring lunch it's healthy

Making a meal schedule and bringing lunch to the office is one the habits that can be healthy. A survey in the United States proves that workers who rarely bring lunch and snacks more often tend to have irregular eating patterns.

They also tend to end up gaining weight. Workers who brought lunch were reported to have a 20 percent lower risk of being overweight (obesity) than those who did not.

Talking about nutrition, those who bring lunch to the office will tend to choose healthy foods. A study in France showed that workers who made a weekly menu (meal plan) would eat more nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Other research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine also shows the same thing. The more time a person spends preparing lunch, the greater the quantity of fruit, salads, and fruit juices consumed.

On the other hand, those who have never planned a meal menu will usually be careless in choosing food. They also tend to end up on fast food that is high in calories, high in saturated fat, high in sugar, and salt, and low in fiber.

In terms of cost, bringing supplies to the office will be more efficient. This habit will cut expenses to buy lunch. There is an assumption that preparing healthy home-cooked meals will cost more.

Various scientific studies refute this. Food ingredients that you usually find in traditional markets when cooked properly can be a healthy food menu.

Not only physically and economically, but bringing lunch to the office can also be beneficial for your mental health. A healthy diet by bringing lunch to the office will create a sense of happiness and can reduce the risk of depression.

Tips for Preparing Supplies for the Office

So far, you might be considering bringing a lunchbox because of all the benefits. Don't let your good intentions stall because you're worried you won't have enough time to prepare. Here are some things you can do to work around this:

Make a lunch schedule for the week. You can adjust it with the ingredients available in your refrigerator.

Prepare food the night before then store it in the freezer. This will save preparation time in the morning. Before consuming it, you can warm it in the microwave.

Put healthy snacks in small containers. The snack can be nuts, vegetables, or fresh-cut fruit. Alternatively, you can prepare the salad in a bowl and include the dressing, such as mayonnaise, olive oil, or yogurt.

Healthy living can be started with simple things like bringing lunch to the office. If you've never done it before, it's time to start this good habit. Bringing lunch to work will make your physical, mental, and pocket healthier.

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