Data Center: How to Secure the Environment

The data center is an essential and essential facility to help you operate your business. Therefore, data center security should be on our top priority list.

Why is data center security important?

This is because data centers that store personal data and sensitive information such as intellectual property, customer data, fi0cial data, etc., therefore need to be protected virtually and physically.

Physical security refers to major processes and strategies to prevent external forces from affecting the data center infrastructure. Virtual security, focuses on preventing cybercriminals from trying to enter our data center through firewalls, hacking passwords, and/or other virtual loopholes.

How we secure and protect our data center:

Choosing the right data center location

Choosing the right data center location is necessary to protect against physical force. we can predict that from the location history the frequency of floods, earthquakes, cyclones, or other disasters

Access system security

Currently, the biometric security system has become one of the most popular security systems applied in security systems. Not only fingerprints, but it also provides access cards that cannot be taken home by visitors. Therefore, visitors need to meet the security guard to have this access.

Security officer

As data center users, we don't want strangers to enter our data center environment. If we employ 24/7 security, we can prevent strangers from entering our data center environment. We can also add CCTV to enhance our security system in our data center area.

Storage Redundancy

Storage redundancy refers to the additional level of data center network security. Generally, data center providers will offer redundancy access in other infrastructures, it depends on the user's security needs.

By following these 4 tips on how to secure and protect your data center, you can avoid threats around the data center. Stay safe and obey health protocols in this pandemic situation.

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