Data Center Outsourcing Can Grow Your Business

The data center is an essential element in every business today. Not only for digital businesses but all businesses that already plan to have management. Outsourcing a data center can improve your business. Read more below.

The era of the digital economy has brought about many shifts in the way people conduct transactions. Then the shift also brought changes to the way in the company. For example, in the past, people had to go to the supermarket to buy groceries, now people can use the Gojek delivery application and the like to buy goods 24 hours a day.

To deal with these changes, companies must have a management system that has better visibility. This causes the need for a data center in each company is a must. Unfortunately, the data center investment value is quite large


What data center is it?

A data center is a computer room – a physical facility that allows you to store and manage servers, networks, and other computer equipment in an uncontrolled environment. A data center that guarantees power supply, high bandwidth internet connection, physical and network security, in addition to 24×7 monitoring and full technical support.


Benefits of co-location

Co-location benefits include:

• Cost savings in the range of 20%-70% by outsourcing data center through colocation server

• Better utilization of the space you use for the data center in your office

• Freedom to be able to focus more on your core competencies and not worry about your IT infrastructure

Below are the specific additional benefits you can expect with co-location.


1. Physical advantage

The cost of the following facilities in the computer room is a fraction of what it would cost to set them up at home. We provide:

• More controllable precision, air-conditioned environment

• Availability of 24×7 electricity with system backup for all your equipment – ??no downtime or interruption due to power failure, unlike in high-rise buildings where there is a much greater chance of blackouts, unstable electricity, and so on. A special building for data center server colocation facilities is indeed designed to be able to meet the availability of electricity from various sources.

• State-of-the-art fire suppression pipeline structure and initial measures can minimize critical fire losses

• High level of onsite security through surveillance cameras and biometric systems to prohibit unauthorized or unauthorized entry

• Option to add a new system when needed. Can gradually replace older systems with new ones before they become obsolete.

2. Connectivity advantages

Having a T1 connection line to connect your network is more expensive and not as reliable as a fiber optic connection in a data center. Server colocation facilities can provide increased connectivity and greater redundancy without being expensive.

3. Increased bandwidth by reducing bandwidth costs

Server colocation services will guarantee you the excess bandwidth capacity they have. So your high-speed line won't slow down even during peak load times.

4. Greater network redundancy means smooth operation

Your critical business applications will always be accessible smoothly and quickly. This is if the data center you choose for server colocation has connectivity to several fiber optic provider ISP.

5. Keeping your freedom

A carrier-neutral data center can support multiple ISPs, you can choose your own carrier or you can utilize multiple networks. Data center facilities also support smooth transfers, if needed, to alternative operators. That's the reason why you shouldn't rely too much on one ISP.

6. More competitive price

The carrier-neutral approach also implies seller competition which means that you get competitive prices and service.

7. BGP4 Routing

A carrier-neutral data center uses BGP4 on routers to ensure that data is sent on the most reliable path and delivered as quickly as possible. If a single provider connection fails, BGP4 allows instant failover and re-route your critical data through a different path with an alternative provider. Downtime can be further reduced.

8. Network security

Data center providers can usually provide up-to-date firewall/IDS systems that detect and catch unauthorized access. Firewalls and security systems need to be updated as quickly as possible and a colocation server provider can provide up-to-date security at the right time and at the right cost.

9. Disaster recovery site

One of the characteristics of a strong colocation server facility is the colocation server which also creates a disaster recovery site. In case of downtime with your main server, the entire network switches to an alternative site. Outsourcing a data center for disaster recovery costs less than providing it in your office.

10. Advantages of Technical Support

By outsourcing a data center, you can avoid problems that can arise from human resources and can expect the highest level of service with specialized expertise.


11. No need to hire specialists

This is also one of the characteristics of a good server colocation facility provider, namely that they have qualified technical personnel. With certifications such as CCNA and MCSE – which monitor your network and servers full time 24×7 and prevent problems that will turn into crises that cripple your IT systems.

12. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A strict SLA ensures that you get a guaranteed level of service – better than having your own data center in your office.

13. Experience gain

You benefit from years of experience managing data centers and qualified technical personnel working to keep your critical business systems functioning properly at all times. This is one of the advantages for you by outsourcing the data center.

14. Helpdesk Facility in Outsourcing Data Center

You also get a 24×7 help desk to communicate cases or issues.

Overall, server colocation in a carrier-neutral data center gives you a lot of advantages. This is a long term business strategy for your company especially if your core business is not in IT. A data center outsourcing service provides you with the best service without the hassle of owning and operating the data center facility.

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