Easy Tips for Making Friends at a New Workplace

Easy Tips for Making Friends at a New Workplace


Some people choose not to make friends in the office environment. In short, only limited to co-workers. However, some choose to make friends in the office with their colleagues.

Friends or not, it's back to the choices and rights of each. The thing to know, having friends at work can provide many benefits. Making friends at work can not only improve personal life but also encourage better work performance and participation in the company culture.

Well, the problem with making friends at work is not easy. Especially for those of you who are "newcomers" at work. So, how easy is it to make friends in a new workplace?


1. Observe the Surroundings

Observing your surroundings is one of the tips for making friends at the office that you can do. Check the spoken or unspoken rules about operating or working in a new workplace. Listen carefully to all the information contained in the orientation and training period.

Then, watch and listen to how people interact? Whether by email, chat, telephone, video conferencing, or in-person and impersonate the majority group. Also, observe the 'culture' or 'atmosphere' in the new office. If the office atmosphere tends to be calm, try to be calm. Don't be energetic, which makes things awkward or uncomfortable.


2. Don't Forget to Say Hello

Take time to say hello or good morning each day. Many people complain when their co-workers don't acknowledge it in the morning. For some employees, this can be painful and create a barrier between coworkers.


3. Don't rush

If you want to start a friendship at work, start slowly, don't rush the process. According to experts, self-disclosure is not something that needs to be done in a hurry. So, start slowly.

Start small, share gradually, and slowly move toward disclosing more emotionally sensitive personal information. That way you can become more confident in sharing truly personal information about yourself.


4. Keep the Interaction Positive

Keeping most interactions 'positive' is one of the best ways to make friends at work. As a general guideline, for every 'negative' discussion you have, try to be accompanied by holding five 'positive' discussions.

The reason is, compensating for chats that smell like 'negative' things such as pouring out your heart about work pressure, can sometimes add positive feelings to the people around you.


5. Look for Similarities

The similarity is the basic foundation of friendship. Therefore, try to start a conversation about your shared interests with coworkers.

For example, talking about hobbies or things that are more personal like sharing stories about your children's life stories at home.


6. Offer Help

The best way to fit in at work is to provide help or support for coworkers. For example, helping coworkers who are overwhelmed with work. Or any other little thing. Before you go out to buy or make coffee, you can also ask your partner if he wants it.

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