Excessive Caffeine Consumption Can Affect Brain Structure

Many people feel they can't move without a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks. The taste that seems to be an addiction is the reason to continue to enjoy it every day. However, do we know that drinks contain caffeine which has various effects on the body.

Caffeine is an alkaloid compound and one of the main ingredients in coffee. In addition to providing many health benefits, consuming caffeine in excess also has a bad impact on the body.

Reduced Cognitive Ability

Consuming coffee in normal amounts can be beneficial for brain health. Four cups of coffee which is equivalent to 400 milligrams of caffeine is generally considered safe for adults. However, if taken too much, it has the potential to reduce cognitive abilities. Adding a lot of sugar also further reduces the cognitive function of the brain.

In addition, drinking coffee too late at night can cause anxiety before going to bed. This is because the caffeine stays in the bloodstream.

Reduce Brain Volume

Reporting from Antara, a study conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia found that drinking more than six cups of coffee a day can shrink brain volume and increase the risk of dementia.

This research has become a harsh reality for coffee lovers. But the most important thing is to find a balance and provide insight about consuming coffee in order to get the maximum benefits. Not even a loss.

Trigger and Relieve Headaches

Consuming excess caffeine, in addition to causing dependence, can also relieve headaches and at the same time can trigger them. Caffeine can narrow the blood vessels around the brain and reduce blood flow to the brain, which will eventually help relieve headaches.

However, if you stop consuming caffeine directly, the blood vessels will enlarge. It then causes increased blood flow to the brain eventually causing headaches.

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