Human error most likely cause of data center downtime

Datacenter downtime problems that often occur in several companies are caused by many factors. Starting from equipment failure, poor data center design, to human error. However, the three main reasons why downtime can occur are due to human error. In fact, according to the New York research and consulting organization that specializes in analyzing data center performance, the Uptime Institute, human error accounts for 70% of all downtime problems that have occurred in data centers. Human error cases resulted in huge losses which occurred in several industries, which had an impact on business reputation and of course cost loss on the company's business.


What are the causes of human errors that can lead to downtime in the data center? Find out more so you can minimize downtime in the data center.


Poor standard operating procedures

The cause of the human error could be due to the poor management of the company. The management of this company concerns work procedures, SOPs, occupational safety, and health systems, as well as communication between workers and superiors. Unclear management will confuse the staff who handle the data center.

Management error that causes a human error is called induced human error system. This is a problem of human error at work caused by the lack of strict management applied, as well as the lack of rules about discipline. Just imagine how the staff can work well and be responsive in dealing with existing problems if there is no clear SOP.


Do not have qualified experts

The cause of the human error is also due to the quality of the staff which makes it impossible to be given a special job. Usually, human error is purely caused by individual qualities, it can be due to lack of experience, ability, and psychological aspects. Maybe, during recruitment you recruited the wrong people, so that when in the field the staff felt overwhelmed with their work, resulting in human error.

In addition, it is also possible that the staff you recruited have inadequate health conditions to be able to work even though they can rely on their ability and experience to manage the data center. This may happen when the staff is already working for you. For this reason, so that data center downtime can be prevented, you must set high qualifications for staff both in terms of ability and health.


Do not have certified experts

The cause of the human error that causes problems in the data center is the absence of a special training program for the staff who manages the data center. If you look at how important the data center is for the company, it is proper that the operational staff who directly handles the data center is the one who understands how to manage the data center. That is why every company must conduct training for its staff before starting work.

Staff must understand what their daily responsibilities are, how to manage a good data center, know the steps to anticipate problems that arise, to handle problems that occur in the data center. When there is a worst-case scenario, staff who go directly to the field taking care of the data center can quickly respond and reduce the damage that could occur.

In the end, it can be concluded that the cause of the human error that causes downtime in the data center can be due to individual and company factors. When downtime occurs due to staff errors, don't throw an error right away. Re-evaluate whether the management you have implemented can prevent human errors.

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