Problems in the workplace and solutions to overcome

Problems in the world of work are common. Because, every work environment has its uniqueness, advantages, or disadvantages. For example, personal problems between employees, problems with superiors, dissatisfaction with work, and so on.

However, sometimes some problems can affect the mental health of employees. This can have an impact on its performance. Therefore, let's find out more about various problems in the world of work and how to overcome them.

Examples of problems in the world of work and their solutions

Here are some examples of problems in the workplace that can occur and their solutions:

1. Bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment can occur in the workplace. This can be done by colleagues or superiors. Workers who are bullied will feel pressured by the bully so that they feel insecure. For example, doing more work that is not their obligation, being verbally and physically abused, or doing things that are detrimental to themselves. The occurrence of bullying and harassment in the workplace can cause the victim to experience depression and even trauma. Solution: This problem should not be ignored. Write down what you experienced in detail, about the incident and the time. Try to tell HRD and listen to the solutions given. If necessary, you can also report it to the police to provide a deterrent effect on the perpetrator.

2. Gossip

Gossip is chatter or rumors about other people. When discussing sensitive issues, such as infidelity at work or a special relationship between a boss and a coworker, there can be trouble if the issue spreads. Problems in the workplace can damage relationships between employees, and even lead to fights. As a result, individual or team performance is not optimal so productivity is reduced. Solution: If you object to rumors circulating about you, do mediation with the help of HR. Prove that the rumors circulating are not true. Meanwhile, if you are invited to gossip by coworkers, you should avoid it so that it doesn't become a problem later.

3. Poor communication

Poor communication with coworkers or superiors can be a problem in the world of work. This can make you feel confused and do not have enough information about the job. Job information that is not channeled properly can disrupt the workflow. In addition, the lack of communication between employees and superiors can also make you feel distrusted. Solution: You can discuss this issue amicably with your co-workers or boss. Try to ask questions when you don't know or give your opinion in a meeting.

4. The job does not match the position applied for

Sometimes, the work you do does not match the position you are applying for, making it difficult for you to work. You may be assigned a task that is far beyond your competence and experience. However, you do not dare to refuse or compromise. Problems in the world of work can cause you to feel trapped and don't know what to do. Solution: Talk to your boss about any discrepancies in this job. Convey that you should do a task that is more suited to your position. However, make sure to convey it politely.

5. The workload is too heavy

When the workload is too heavy to exceed your capabilities, it can cause stress. Especially if the work environment is in a fast-paced or highly competitive situation. Excessive stress can have a variety of negative effects. This mental problem of office workers certainly should not be allowed to drag on because it can cause you to experience burnout (severe stress due to work). Solution: Discuss this with your superiors. Explain that you are having trouble getting the job done and offer a solution. For example, reducing the target a little or sharing it with colleagues.

6. Incompetent boss

One of the problems that can occur in office workers or other workers is an incompetent boss. He may behave arbitrarily, favoritism, only blame employees and do not give clear directions. This can lead to poor performance, reduce productivity, and even trigger problems between employees because of the pros and cons of superiors. As a result, the work environment becomes not conducive. Solution: If the treatment of your superior is deemed inappropriate, you can try sharing it with HRD or conveying it directly to your superior. However, if nothing changes, consider looking for another job.

7. Received poor performance appraisal

Do you feel that you have tried your best at work, but have received a bad rating? This is one of the problems in the world of work that can occur. A bad assessment can be triggered by your work that has not lived up to the company's expectations. However, if there is no explanation in the assessment as to what you need to improve or improve, this situation can create other problems. Getting a rating that doesn't live up to expectations can also put you in a bad mood and even stress. Solution: Try to evaluate the feedback and criticism you get. If there is something that is not clear in the assessment, ask to make it clearer. After that, improve your performance optimally.

8. Feeling dissatisfied with the company

Are you dissatisfied with the company? This condition can occur due to various factors, such as personality incompatibility with work, wages that are not comparable, or an unfair boss. This dissatisfaction may make you start to lose enthusiasm for work. As a result, productivity decreases, the quality of work is not as good as before and feels uncomfortable to work. Solution: Before that, do some introspection and discuss it with HRD. However, if nothing changes, you may consider looking for another job that can meet your expectations.

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