Some Types of Toxic Employees

Some Types of Toxic Employees

In the work environment, there are various kinds of personalities, traits, and characters that you will meet every day. Some employees who have the right character will certainly make the office atmosphere more lively. The office becomes comfortable when you are in a healthy work environment. However, what if one of your co-workers is a toxic type of employee?

Toxic employees can be defined as co-workers who have a negative impact on the office. In addition, this type also makes the office feel uncomfortable. Toxic employees will destroy concentration and prevent a person from getting what he wants in terms of work. Here are 9 types of toxic employees that make the office atmosphere less conducive:

1. Complainer

The complaining type will not accept the responsibility assigned. They will prefer to complain excessively before doing the task. If you come across this type of poison employee, it's best to keep your distance from them.

2. Liar

This type will usually take shortcuts in completing their responsibilities. They look liked at first, but will be hated in the end because everyone will know the type of liar likes to twist the facts.

3. Debate

The type of debater will not like being criticized, even though the criticism made is constructive criticism. Criticism will be considered as an attack to be resisted. In fact, for them neutral advice is negative advice.

4. Perfectionist

This type is good, but sometimes perfectionism becomes a very boring trait. It could be that people around you are embarrassed by this one trait of yours because you only care about your own standards.

5. Licker

The sycophant type will work with the aim of seeking face on the boss. This type will be very good at making a personal approach to anyone. Lickers will even look for ways to win the hearts of others for their personal gain.

6. Bullies

This type will be a nuisance under any circumstances, no matter whether you are busy or free. They will continue to interfere with their interests. This will certainly interfere with teamwork.

7. Bossy

The type of messenger if done by the boss, is not a problem. However, there are ordinary employees who have a hobby of commanding. Usually, this type has won the trust of superiors to give general orders to their subordinates.

8. Provocateur

This type of person will often trigger a commotion because they often play against each other. The provocateur is also the source of gossip in the office. They will be quick to spread gossip when something happens. This type will even give negative advice that can provoke a commotion.

9. Emotional

This type of emotion will usually make a mess because of his own doing. Someone who has unstable emotions will get angry at small things more quickly and appear very aggressive.

If you feel you have indications of being a poison employee at the office, you can immediately discuss it with the nearest psychologist. Being a toxic employee in the office will make you likeable people when they are in front of you. However, when they are behind you they will hate you. Whatever the reason, never be the type of poison employee so you don't get hated. Work according to the rules, do good communication, and stay away from negative things that can make your performance messy.

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