Why is Data Center Location a Consideration?

The location factor is an important thing that companies need to pay attention to before choosing partners, apart from price, scalability, and data center uptime or reliability. A good choice of location means optimized infrastructure and environment, capable of reaching your entire target market. Equally important are data analysis strategies that can help you understand your operations and customers better. This is because a bad Data Center location can have an impact on unstable connections and efficiency problems.

In theory, Data Centers can be built anywhere as long as there is power and connectivity. But in fact, the location of the Data Center can affect the quality of service that customers experience. As an illustration, connectivity is a service that relies on the proximity factor. Ideally, connectivity relies on multiple fiber connections to the main bandwidth provider. The only way to get consistent and reliable bandwidth for data center needs is to build lots of connections to lots of different network providers.

These facilities tend to cluster together at peering points, and when a Data Center is geographically adjacent to an Internet Exchange or peering point, the organizations using it will benefit in terms of multiply redundant latency and bandwidth.

However, regardless of how much bandwidth the Data Center can access, customers will be tied to the Internet infrastructure, where data takes time to transfer (round-trip). The round-trip distance itself is usually twice the geographic distance, because both requests and responses traverse the same distance. Round-trip duration can also be exacerbated by network conditions, for example data traveling across multiple paths i.e. through networks, routers and switches, each of which can increase latency. For the record, the closer the Data Center is to the customer, the lower the latency.

In addition to the connectivity factor, it is also necessary to consider the availability of electric power in that location. Electricity is an important component in maintaining smooth operations in the Data Center area. At least a different capacity and path is needed to connect to the Data Center which will be used as a back-up if something unexpected happens.


Other Factors Worth Considering

Other factors to consider include local data protection laws, taxes, availability of suitable network solutions, and skilled human resources. The location factor itself is indeed not the only factor that must be considered by the company before choosing a Data Center company. However, the location factor is worth noting as it can have an impact on other factors that are important to the success of the Data Center.


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